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Averin Anton Yur'evich, Senior lecturer, sub-department of economics and finances, deputy dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), 
Yunyaeva Rimma Ravil'evna, Doctor of economic sciences, professor, sub-department of economics and finances, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. In 2017 there has been a transformation mechanism of state support of agriculture, which resulted in the consolidation of certain measures of state support of agrarian sector of economy to the “one subsidy”. These changes are due to the desire to give the regions the freedom to make managerial decisions on efficient allocation of budgetary funds. The volume of financial resources are put in direct dependence on the achievement of target regional programs of development of agriculture in accordance with the parameters of the “State program of agriculture and regulation of markets of agricultural products, raw materials and food for 2013– 2020”. The aim of the study was to identify the main factors that can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the implementation of a new model of state support of agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.
Materials and methods. Priority in the framework of the present research is the study of legal sources in the regulation of the system of state support of agriculture. This work has used the methods of comparative legal historical and legal analysis, which allow to compare the contents of the theory and practice of the right to regulate the procedure for adoption of administrative decisions in sphere of rendering of state support of agroindustrial complex of the Russian Federation. The study is based on a critical evaluation of the quality of legal bases of functioning of system of state support of agriculture in accordance with the provisions of the Federal law of 25.07.2011 № 260-FZ “About the state support in sphere of agricultural insurance and on introducing amendments to the Federal law ‘About agriculture development’”. In particular, comparative legal and economic analysis were subjected to rules of formation, granting and distribution of subsidies from the Federal budget to budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation in accordance with the provisions of the Decree of the RF Government dated 22.12.2012 № 1371 “About the statement of rules of granting and distribution of subsidies from the Federal budget to budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation for compensation of part of expenses of agricultural producers for payment of insurance premiums for agricultural insurance contracts” and the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 30.09.2014 № 999 “On the formation, the provision and distribution of subsidies from the Federal budget to budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation” taking into account the use in calculations of coefficients of importance of performance indicators the use of subsidies set by Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation”.
Results. The study was a preliminary assessment of the impact of new models of state support of development of agroindustrial complex of the Russian Federation in the framework of the concept “United” subsidies. The conclusions were made about the ineffectiveness of the method of calculating the amount of the provision and distribution of subsidies from the Federal budget to budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation on the basis of the planned targets of the regional development programs of agriculture. Currently, the method of calculating the amount of subsidies does not include qualitative consideration of specific features of agriculture in some regions, the calculation of the indicators accepted for insurance risk, the real level of demand for financial resources on the part of agricultural producers. Against the General reduction of volumes of financing of the state program this leads to increased structural imbalance in the system of provision and distribution of financial resources to the regions.
Conclusions. The study allowed to assess the consequences of possible realization of the risk factors and to highlight priority areas to neutralize them. Association of measures of state support in the absence of an effective mechanism of work with regions can minimize ongoing since 2012, efforts to create a centralized system of agricultural insurance that meets the conditions and scale of development of agrarian and industrial complex of the Russian Federation. Formed during the work of the analytical framework is a qualitative material for further study of the target working group formed at the highest government level in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation from 19.07.2016 № 72-p “On creation of working group on improving the system of agricultural insurance with state support”. The acquired knowledge can later influence the change of certain provisions of the concept of “unified” subsidies, in particular on the methodology for calculating the amount of the provision and distribution of subsidies from the Federal budget to budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation on the facilitation of the achievement of targets of regional programs of development of agroindustrial complex.

Key words

agro-industrial sector, subsidy, state program, redistribution, budget, agro-insurance, risks, claim statement

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1. O vnesenii izmeneniy v Gosudarstvennuyu programmu razvitiya sel'skogo khozyaystva i regulirovaniya rynkov sel'skokhozyaystvennoy produktsii, syr'ya i prodovol'stviya na 2013–2020 gody: Postanovlenie Pravitel'stva Rossiyskoy Federatsii ot 31.03.2017 № 396 [On amendments to the State program ofagricultural development and regulation of agricultural goods and raw materials market in 2013–2020: the ordinance of the RF Government from 31.03.2017 № 396 ].
2. O vnesenii izmeneniy v Federal'nyy zakon «O gosudarstvennoy podderzhke v sfere sel'skokhozyaystvennogo strakhovaniya i o vnesenii izmeneniy v Federal'nyy zakon “O razvitii sel'skogo khozyaystva”»: Feder. zakon ot 22.12.2014 № 424-FZ [On amendments to the Federal Law “On state support in the field of agricultural insurance and on amendments to the Federal Law “On agricultural development”: the Federal Law from 22.12.2014 № 424-FZ].
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